Landesprogramm NRW
Kultur & Schule


Since 2013 I have participated in the Landesprogramm NRW Kultur und Schule with the following projects:

Playful puppets: Meeting Mr. Men and Little Miss (2013/14)
Paper Theatre – or The Wild Things in a Box (2014/15)
Things on Strings (2015/16)
Mystery Box (2017/2018)
Act it Out (2018/2019)
New Fairy Tales (2019/2020)
Podcast (2021/2022)
Mr Shadows (2022/2023)

My projects focus mainly on combining puppet construction and stage design with English language learning. In the foreground are the construction of different types of puppets and the development of a theatre play in simple English.
During this process, the students get familiar with various materials and have the opportunity to test their abilities and those of their puppets. At the same time, they acquire English phrases and new lexical fields by the by.

The Landesprogramm NRW Kultur & Schule sponsors the work of artists at schools for the duration of an entire school year: a group of approx. 12 students have the opportunity to work creatively with the support of a professional artist.

Are you and your school interested?

I would be very happy to present my projects or to develop project ideas together with you – responding to your students’ needs.
I'll prepare the application for you and coordinate with the Kulturamt.
The deadline for the application with the Landesprogramm NRW Kultur und Schule is the 31 March each year for projects starting after the summer holidays.


Englisch Theater Workshop Projekt 2020 (Corona Lösung)

2022/23 The Mars Mister-y