Old Numbat, an elderly magic numbat, and her grandson Fluff live in the Australian bush. Both are renowned for concocting new tricks.

...  the best meant magic tricks don’t always succeed,however, and one day a spell is cast upon Fluff …

Here begins a delightful journey across Australia. The answer to the problem does not lie in Old Numbat’s magic books but rather in first helping native animals along the way.

If it wasn’t for something lurking in the background …

A story of friendship, personal qualities and togetherness.

Numbat’s Journey is narrated in simple English by Mark, a native English speaker from New Zealand, partly in rhyme. The stage setting gives the carefully crafted puppets their Australian home and visually supports the narration enabling the students to follow the language. Music from Marcus Urban Fischer accompanies the story with his atmospheric and dynamic composition.

Authentic English Theatre for primary school age!

Show duration: 45 minutes